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First Line Supervisor




2 Weeks

About the Course

The Wisconsin Department of Justice First Line Supervisory Program is designed to give new and aspiring field supervisors the management tools and competencies they need to succeed within their organizations. Just as strong leaders are invaluable in setting the organizations vision, strong field managers are needed to communicate and operationalize that vision.

The First Line Supervisory Program is the first standardized statewide leadership and management training program for law enforcement to provide baseline skills for current and developing organizational leaders, and is the foundational training course for the Career Development Programs of the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Law Enforcement Services. The DOJ First line Supervisors class is an 80 hour course which has been developed for a hybrid classroom which will include both in person and online work. The curriculum for the class is highly interactive and includes the following topics:

· Transitioning to the Role of Supervisor

· Communication Skills

· Internal Investigations

· Leading Individuals and Teams

· Cultural Competence and Implicit Bias

· Officer Wellness and Critical Incident Stress

· Personal Leadership Development

· Organization and Management

· Crisis Leadership and Critical Incident Decisions

· Media and public Presentations

· Officer Involved Critical Incidents

Course Requirements

1. Laptop

2. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Browser access

3. Access to your Acadis Portal

4. Wifi Connection


“DOJ’s First Line Supervisor Course brought a great outlook to the aspiring supervisory candidate, by providing a wealth of knowledge from personal experiences from seasoned supervisors to help prepare mentally and physically for a demanding position”

“DOJ’s First Line Supervisor Course was effective training for the position of patrol sergeant. The training prepared me to think and act from a supervisor’s perspective while handling a variety of incidents.”

“First line supervisor training should be mandatory for any new lieutenant. I was way more comfortable working by myself following the training. We did not get any training on what to do during an officer involved shooting, or how to handle a major or large crime scene as a patrol Lt, or other large scale incidents during our very limited training we received once we were promoted. Honestly, there needs to be some type of formal training for anyone who is promoted before they can even start on their own.”

“First-Line Supervisor training was an excellent overview of leadership within a police organization. The class gave a great perspective into being a positive role model for agencies.”

“DOJ’s First Line Supervisor training was an exceptional training for new sergeants/lieutenants. The course provided me with the necessary information to be effective in my field.”

Wisconsin Department of Justice
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