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What is it?


The Wisconsin Certified Public Manager Program (CPM) is a 300-hour nationally-accredited comprehensive management development program specifically for managers in state, local and federal government and in tribal and non-profit organizations.

The CPM Program recognizes the unique demands and challenges of the
public management profession. It focuses on developing competencies
necessary for high individual, team and organizational performance.

Who is it for?


The CPM Program is targeted at managers and supervisors as well as those who manage projects and programs. In addition, individuals with  public sector leadership aspirations who have demonstrated leadership potential can benefit from this program.

A candidate is awarded the Certified Public Manager® designation upon completion of the CPM program. This designation is recognized throughout the United States.

Administered by:

Department of Professional Development and Applied Studies

Division of Continuing Studies

University of Wisconsin-Madison




21 N. Park Street, 7th Floor
Madison WI 53715