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School of Police Staff and Command




10 Weeks Consecutive

About the Course

SPSC is an intensive police management and leadership program that helps prepare mid- and upper-level personnel for senior command positions. Whether on-ground or online, SPSC combines academic principles with practical applications and focuses on a range of critical leadership and management areas, including planning and policies, media relations, organizational behavior, budgeting and resource allocation, human resources, contemporary policing, and more. Our expert instructors not only teach the important topics, concepts, and strategies necessary for leadership and managerial success — but also discuss how to effectively implement these strategies, apply the concepts, and lead situations where the problems are real and agency performance outcomes are critical.

Fellow students are experienced public safety professionals, and course activities are designed to allow for class members to learn from one another’s experiences, to build relationships, and to develop networks that will last long after the course has ended.

SPSC is not appropriate for entry-level officers, deputies, or troopers. We recommend Supervision of Police Personnel for those recently appointed to their first supervisory position.


"The Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command is a 10-week leadership course developed specifically for command-level law enforcement executives. The program is hands-on and interactive and incorporates a variety of essential topics including budgeting, civil liability, decision making, discipline, employee relations, executive image, grant writing, internal conflict resolution, job design, leadership, media relations, officer wellness, organizational behavior, performance appraisals, policy development, project management, retention and selection, resource allocation, statistics, and training.
The curriculum is graded on various assignments including written papers, group work, written exams, and the capstone staff study project. Networking is also a significant part of the program. As students, you are exposed to other command-level law enforcement executives through their classmates and instructors. Each class selects a representative committee including a President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Activities Director. Each class is responsible to organize and hold a community service fundraising event to raise money towards a charitable organization or cause of their choice.
I have attended several law enforcement leadership programs and found Northwestern SPSC to be the most challenging yet rewarding training experience in my law enforcement career. There were many challenges faced throughout the 10-week program, but the benefits from the program will last throughout a lifetime."
Marshall Hermann
Operations Captain
Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office

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