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We are the graduates of The Wisconsin Command College, a joint venture of the Wisconsin Department of Justice and the University of Wisconsin - Madison Certified Public Manager® Program. 

The Command College provides executive development training to law enforcement leaders from across the state.


We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) fundraising organization that gives charitable donations to law enforcement families affected by violence or tragedy.


Command College


The Wisconsin Command College, a nationally accredited leadership and management development training program, is a joint venture of the Wisconsin Department of Justice and University of Wisconsin-Madison. Law enforcement leaders who complete this intense, six-week in-residence program will be recognized as a Certified Public Manager® by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Alumni Association


The Alumni Association was created by Class 4 as part of their class project.  The project was designed to bring all past classes together, as well as a place for future graduates.  The Alumni Association has taken responsibility for future annual training for all graduates.  If you have graduated and are not a member, please visit our member login page to get involved.

October 14-15, 2024 

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